Ours, Yours and Mines

Historical novels set in Scotland and based on real people and events.

Meet the Author

Carmel McMurdo Audsley is an Australian Journalist, Editor and Author who lives in Brisbane with her husband Iain. They both had Scottish fathers, share a mutual love of Scotland and have walked in the footsteps of their ancestors in the country that they love to visit.  As a Newspaper Journalist and Magazine Editor, Carmel has written, and had published, thousands of news stories and feature articles and has now turned her research and writing skills to digging up the past and breathing life into the characters she finds.  Her first historical fiction novel, Ours, Yours and Mines, about the mining families of Ayrshire Scotland, was published in 2012 and captured the hearts of readers as the story unfolded about the harsh living conditions of the mid-1800s and the sad loss of life.   Far Across The Sea continues the story.  Carmel now devotes all her writing and editing time to producing Scots News Magazine for ex-pat Scots in Australia, and researching and writing historical fiction.  Her third novel in the trilogy, Faeries, Farms and Folk, will be published before June 2014. 

Contact the Author

Carmel loves to hear from readers and responds to every email.  Send your comments about the book to scotsnews@iinet.net.au.